Maintenance Disclaimers

  1. We do not guarantee a time our crews will arrive at a particular property. Our schedule is dependent upon multiple variables and we must be flexible in order to provide for our clients.
  2. If we have heavy or continuous rains during the week, our schedule will continue to operate as close to normal as possible but on a delayed schedule. The crews continue to work until all possible yards are done. (We do not reschedule work for Sundays). If not completed by the end of the week, we will reschedule for early the following week unless it is weekly which will be completed on its next regular day.
  3. If you think that your yard is too wet to mow, please notify us! This is not a decision our crews may make to your satisfaction. If a mower gets stuck on your property due to it being wet, we will do our best to fix it back to its original condition at the time it happened with standard hand tools that are on the trucks.
  4. We will not take responsibility for any debris that is left on the lawn such as toys, hoses, rocks, stick, etc. The homeowner is responsible to ensure property is clear of debris that may be picked up by lawn equipment. Any damage caused by such items is the responsibility of the homeowner to repair.
  5. We are not responsible for damages to irrigation heads, cables or invisible fences. Such items that are installed correctly and working properly should never be damaged by lawn equipment. Fees to repair any damage will be the responsibility of the customer. We will only repair damaged items if we determine that damage was caused by our crews negligence or carelessness.
  6. Upon our crew’s arrival, please verify all gate’s required to access the property are unlocked. Please make sure pets and children are are out of the areas to be serviced. We are not responsible for containing pets on your property. Our crews make every effort to close all gates but do not assume responsibility for your pets. If there is any animal that our crew feels threatened by or thinks they may escape, we will not service those areas.
  7. Southern State Landscape will need to know where the property lines are prior to servicing.
  8. In order to keep areas free of unwanted plant growth and fences from getting damaged, the use of pesticides will be used. Usage of pesticides along fence lines will only be used if given approval by client. If the usage of pesticides are unwanted, client must notify us prior to application. By denying usage of pesticides, client takes responsibility for maintaining beds with plants that are close together and damages caused to fences and plants due to string trimmer usage if requested we maintain them. Waiving of servicing these areas due to potential damages is at the discretion of our crews.
  9. All accounts that have delinquent payments past 30 days will have services suspended until amount owed is paid in full. Late payments maybe subject to late fees. If services are suspended, additional charges maybe charged to get property back to its regularly maintained condition.
  10. Any solicitation of a Southern State Landscape employee will not be tolerated and services will be terminated immediately. Any additional service requested are to go through management with approval prior to being completed.

Installation Disclaimers

Prior to excavation/grading, Southern State Landscape will call to have your buried utility lines located. These lines will be marked in temporary spray paint. Private utilities such as buried wires to a shed or pool pump, septic tanks and leach fields, as well as the water pipes of an irrigation system, cannot be located and we cannot be responsible for any damage. Please make us aware if you have any of these situations and extra care can be taken. Internet/TV cables are usually not burried more than 3-4″ below the soil. Given the size of the wire, this can be  damaged very easily during grading with equipment or planting with a  shovel. Repairs to internet/TV cables are the responsibility of the homeowner. We will do our best to help return all utilities back to their origional condition.
Homeowners are expected to have approval from HOA and property owners(if rental) prior to start of installation. We will not be resposible to notify HOA’s, neighbors, or property owners of work to be done on your property. If installation of landscaping on or usage of neighboring property, homeowner is required to have approval prior to start of work.
Landscape installation is guaranteed for a period of one year from date of installation. Materials are guaranteed to be as specified by the manufacturer for specifications and quality. This guarantee does not cover acts of God or acts of nature nor does it cover human-induced instability. It also does not cover any stone product attached together with landscape adhesive, whether capstone, stair tread or any other application. We will not be liable for any injury incurred on a structure we install. Warranty claims must be submitted in writing within the one year period. 
Discrepancies in completed work must be presented to Southern State Landscape within seven (7) days of completion date.
Please note the below circumstances that void this warranty in full:
  • Any alteration to Hardscape or areas adjacent to Hardscape following installation.
  • Sub-grade settling and/or construction compaction.
  • Excavating or altering subgrade or construction base under or adjacent to Hardscape.
  • Improper loading or use of Hardscape structure.
  • Damage by any act of God, flooding, extreme wind, etc.
Plant material installed is guaranteed for a period of one (1) year. All materials have been  inspected and certified prior to and during installation, and care has been exercised by Southern State Landscape to ensure proper planting procedures. Southern State Landscape must be notified in writing within the one (1) year period of any requested warranty replacement.
Please note circumstances in which the material will not be covered:
  • Plant material that has been found to have died from lack of or overwatering and/or maintenance post-planting.
  • Plant material that has been damaged by animals or acts of vandalism.
  • Plant material damaged by any acts of God, i.e., winter burn, snow breakage, windburn, drought, flooding, etc.
  • Plant material found to be damaged by insect/disease infestation. The plant  material has been inspected and certified, our plants are guaranteed to  be insect/disease-free at the time of installation.
  • Annuals are seasonal and die at the end of each season and are not covered under any warranty.
  • Any plant material that has been transplanted following installation.
  • Any discrepancies in original planting must be reported to Southern State Landscape within seven (7) days of installation.
  • Adding raised beds or excessive mulch build-up after Southern State Landscape has completed work will void any warranty claim.
  • Existing plant material that is transplanted as part of a project is not guaranteed.
If you have a warranty claim, the terms for replacement include:
  • All accounts with Southern State Landscape Inc. must be current to make a claim.
  • Items will be replaced with the material at the size stated in the contract. Growth factors will not be taken into account.