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Beautifying the Greater Raleigh Area

Crafting and maintaining exceptional outdoor environments for both residential and commercial clients in Harnett, Johnston, and Wake counties of North Carolina

Southern State Landscape offers unparalleled expertise and dedication in transforming HOA communities, residential homes, and commercial landscapes, ensuring outdoor spaces are not only beautiful but also sustainable.

We cater to a wide range of landscaping needs year-round, from routine lawn maintenance to snow removal to soil erosion prevention and bush hogging, We ensure immaculate and functional outdoor spaces.

With a team that is fully insured and licensed, we provide peace of mind and professionalism, guaranteeing that every project is handled with the utmost care and in compliance with industry standards.

Our commitment to flexibility and customer satisfaction, evidenced by our no-contract policy for residential services, makes us the top choice for clients seeking quality landscaping without long-term commitments.

Reliable Service with Quality Results

Serving Harnett, Johnston, and Wake counties, we are a family-owned, professional landscaping company committed to enhancing the beauty of your property. Our experienced team uses state of the art equipment handle everything from simple lawn care to complex commercial landscaping projects.

With a mission of “Reliable Service with Quality Results,” we bring a personal touch to every project, ensuring a professional experience that you can trust.

Landscaping Services


Southern State Landscape offers comprehensive services for HOAs, addressing challenges in maintaining high-quality, cost-effective landscaping. We ensure your community’s spaces are well-maintained and appealing, boosting resident satisfaction and property value.

Let’s partner to create landscapes that your community will take pride in.

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Revitalize your home’s landscape with Southern State Landscape. We tackle challenges like overgrown bushes, patchy lawns, and poor drainage. Our services range from regular maintenance to creating beautiful, functional outdoor areas.

Transform your yard into a source of pride and boost your property’s value and curb appeal.

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Enhance your business image with Southern State Landscape’s commercial services. We provide comprehensive solutions for design, installation, and maintenance, ensuring your property is inviting and professional.

From efficient French drains to seasonal upkeep, we keep your landscape pristine all year round, reflecting your brand’s excellence.

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Solutions For All Your Landscaping Needs

Faced with a dull and lifeless lawn or an unmanageable commercial landscape? Let Southern State Landscape be your solution. Our team expertly addresses the unique challenges of maintaining vibrant, healthy outdoor spaces, whether it’s a cozy backyard or a sprawling corporate campus.

We understand that a well-maintained landscape is more than just an aesthetic choice; it’s an essential part of creating a welcoming environment for homes and businesses alike. Our experts use the latest techniques and tools to breathe life into your green spaces, ensuring they are not only visually appealing but also sustainable and healthy.

With our comprehensive approach, your outdoor areas will become a source of pride and joy, reflecting the care and attention we dedicate to every project.

Lawn Maintenance: Mowing, Trimming, and Edging

Ensure your grass stays healthy and manicured, with precise mowing, careful trimming, and neat edging along driveways and walkways. Keep grassy areas looking pristine and vibrant throughout the seasons.

Grading and Excavation Services

Reshape your land for better drainage and usability. This includes leveling ground for new construction, improving terrain contours, and preparing sites for landscaping enhancements.

Drainage Solutions: French Drains & Water Erosion Control

Our drainage solutions, including expertly installed French drains, effectively manage water runoff and prevent erosion. Protect your landscape from water damage and maintain the integrity of your property’s foundation.

Property Clearing and Cleanup Services

Need to prepare new construction sites or rejuvenate overgrown areas? Our team efficiently removes unwanted vegetation, leaves and other debris, leaving your property clean and ready for its next phase.

Seasonal Services: Snow Removal, Salting, and De-icing

Ensure your property remains safe and accessible during winter. We provide timely snow removal, salting, and de-icing to prevent ice buildup on walkways and driveways, ensuring the safety of residents and visitors alike.

Enhance Your Property’s Aesthetics

Enjoy a pristine, inviting outdoor space without the hassle. Our residential and commercial services not only enhance your property’s aesthetics but also contribute to its sustainability. From regular lawn care to specialized services like French drain or sod installation, we ensure every detail is covered.

If you are in search of an experienced landscaping company in the RTP area, I’d strongly recommend contacting Southern State Landscape. Not only were they able to come out on very short notice, they also explained everything they would recommend to maintain the lawn. They have been doing an excellent job at taking care of my lawn and I am glad that I chose to work with this company.

Josh Santos

Why southern state landscape?

Choose Southern State Landscape for our commitment to excellence. As a family-owned, licensed, and fully insured business, we bring many years of expertise to your doorstep.

We value quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

Our mission of “Reliable Service with Quality Results ” is our sincere goal, setting us apart as a trusted partner for all your landscaping needs.


Flexible Residential Schedules

We offer flexible services tailored to your needs. Enjoy the freedom of no long-term commitments; our services are designed to adapt to your changing landscaping needs and preferences, ensuring personalized care for your property.

Year-Round Services

We provide consistent, high-quality landscaping services throughout the year, catering to the seasonal needs of both commercial and residential properties, ensuring your outdoor spaces remain immaculate regardless of the season.

transparent pricing

Our pricing policy is straightforward and competitive, with a clear minimum service charge, ensuring you receive excellent value for all our landscaping services without any hidden costs. And we don’t charge extra for the “little things” others may skimp on, such as blowing off hard surfaces before leaving.

Free Estimates

We offer no-cost estimates to help you plan your landscaping projects, along with attractive financing options through LightStream Loans, making our services accessible and affordable for a wider range of clients.


What areas do you serve?

We serve Harnett, Johnston, and Wake counties. Our services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of these communities, ensuring that we can provide our top-notch landscaping services to a wide range of residential and commercial clients. Whether you’re in a bustling city center, a quiet suburban neighborhood, or a rural area, our team is ready to bring our expertise to your doorstep.

Are there any long-term residential contracts?

No, residential clients enjoy our services without binding contracts. We believe in offering flexibility and convenience, allowing you to use our services as needed without the commitment of a long-term contract. This approach ensures that our services are accessible and adaptable to your changing needs.

Can you handle both small and large projects?

Absolutely! Our team is equipped to handle projects of any size. From modest residential landscaping to large commercial campus maintenance, we have the skills and resources to manage your project efficiently. Our team’s versatility allows us to deliver high-quality results consistently, regardless of the project’s scale.

We do small-scale designs and large scale maintenance and all the “dirty” work like bush hogging. However, if you need a large-scale expert designer before we get started building out your plan, we work with several we can recommend. 

Is your team insured and licensed?

Yes, we are fully insured and licensed, ensuring peace of mind for all our clients. This not only reflects our professionalism but also guarantees that we adhere to industry standards and regulations. You can trust that we are a reputable and reliable company that takes responsibility for our work.

Do you offer seasonal services?

Yes, we provide services year-round, including snow removal and de-icing in winter. Spring clean-ups, summer maintenance, and fall preparations, including debris removal, ensure your landscape is in prime condition throughout the year.

Our seasonal services ensure that your landscape is well-maintained and functional regardless of the weather. 

transform your outdoor space

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