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Elevate Your Client’s First Impression 

In the commercial world, the appearance and maintenance of your outdoor spaces can have a significant impact on your business’s image.

Neglected landscapes, unattended lawns, and inefficient irrigation can detract from your property’s appeal, potentially turning away clients and diminishing the working environment for your employees.

No business wants to show a lack of professionalism to potential clients with overgrown grass, wilted plants, or unkempt walkways. Inadequately maintained grounds not only affect the aesthetic appeal but could also lead to operational issues, especially during seasonal changes.

Southern State Landscape ensures your commercial property reflects the professionalism and attention to detail you want to convey.


Our comprehensive commercial landscaping services include landscape design and installation, tailored to enhance your brand’s presence and keep your property functional and beautiful.

Regular lawn and grounds maintenance ensure your property remains pristine and inviting. We also specialize in efficient irrigation system installation and upkeep for businesses, conserving water while keeping landscape vibrant.

Plus, our seasonal services, including spring and fall clean-ups, as well as snow removal and de-icing, guarantee your property is accessible and well-maintained all year round.

Let Southern State Landscape transform and uphold the beauty of your commercial landscape, creating an impressive and welcoming environment for all who visit your business.

Elevate Your Business Environment 

In today’s competitive business landscape, first impressions can be a game-changer. Southern State Landscape understands this, offering tailored solutions that transform your commercial spaces into lush, inviting environments.

Our expertise in commercial landscape design, routine maintenance, and specialized services like irrigation system installation and seasonal clean-up ensures your property not only looks its best but also aligns with your brand’s image.

With Southern State Landscape, benefit from our commitment to quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service.

We don’t just maintain your outdoor spaces; we enhance your business’ appeal.

Join the multitude of satisfied clients who have seen the transformation we bring – a perfect blend of aesthetic beauty and functional excellence. Let’s collaborate to make your business stand out!

Contact us to discover how we can elevate your property’s landscape game.

Frequently asked questions

What services do you offer commercial clients?

We provide a wide range of commercial services, including grass maintenance, small-scale landscape design, irrigation system installation, seasonal clean-up, shrub care, grading, and more.

Our team is equipped to handle all aspects of landscape maintenance to enhance the beauty and functionality of your business’s outdoor spaces.

Our comprehensive range of services ensures your properties are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound. These include:

    • Grassy Area Maintenance, Mowing, Trimming, and Edging: Keeping commercial lawns healthy and well-manicured through regular maintenance. We also blow off hard surfaces before leaving every visit as part of our quality commitment.
    • Hedge Trimming and Pruning: Keeping hedges or shrubs in good shape and health.
    • Mulch and Pine Straw Installation: Protecting plant beds and enhancing their look.
    • Sod Installation and Aeration: Offering quick lawn establishment with mature grass for immediate outdoor beauty. Our aeration methods keep soil and grass healthy, crucial for maintaining lush, green lawns.
    • Complete Property Cleanups: Includes Spring and Fall Cleanups, Leaf Cleanup, Storm Damage Cleanup, Brush Removal, and keeping the property neat and prepared for seasonal changes.
    • Winter Services (Snow Removal, Salting, De-icing): Ensuring safety and accessibility during winter months.
    • French Drain Installation/Water Erosion Solutions: Protect your property from water damage with French drain installation and other environmentally sound strategies. Implementing effective drainage solutions protect property from mold and enhance your compliance with eco-friendly mandates. 
    • Retaining Wall Installation: Installing retaining walls for soil erosion management and aesthetic enhancement.
    • Grading Services: Leveling and shaping the land for effective drainage and visual appeal, essential for any commercial property.
    • Land or Lot Clearing Excavation Services: Prepare your space for new developments or rejuvenate an older lot. Our bushhogging services eliminate bushes, tall weeds, small trees, and vines. And with our stump grinding services, create a smooth, even area post-tree removal.
    • Stump Grinding: Removing leftover stumps to improve safety and aesthetics.
    • Tractor Services (Tilling, Fertilization, and Weed Control): Preparing soil, providing nutrients, and maintaining the health of the landscape.
    • Bush Hogging: Efficiently clearing large areas of overgrowth.
    • Gravel Driveway Leveling, Repair, and Installation: Enhancing property functionality and appearance with high-quality gravel driveway services.
    • Pressure Washing Services: Beautify your property’s hard surfaces as part of our other work for you.

    We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of commercial properties, ensuring that your business’s exterior is always welcoming and professional.

    Call us at (919) 673-3956 or use our contact form to schedule your free consultation today!

    How do landscaping services enhance our business image?

    Professional landscaping significantly elevates your business’s image.

    “Studies show that visually appealing landscapes can increase property values by up to 20%. According to the International WELL Building Institute, access to green spaces can boost employee productivity by 15%.”

    Our services ensure that your business exterior is not only aesthetically pleasing but also reflects your company’s professionalism and attention to detail, creating a positive first impression for clients and enhancing the work environment for employees.

    What is the cost of commercial landscaping services, and what factors influence pricing?

    The cost of our commercial landscaping services varies based on several factors, including the size and type of your property, the specific services required, and the frequency of maintenance.

    Contact us for a free quote tailored to your specific needs. Our consultation process is straightforward and personalized.

    We take the time to understand your specific landscaping requirements and preferences. This ensures that our quote reflects the scope and scale of your project accurately.

    We pride ourselves on transparency and will work with you to provide a detailed, no-obligation estimate that fits your budget and landscaping goals.

    Get in touch today at (919) 673-3956 or fill out our contact form. Receive a thorough assessment of your needs and find a clear, transparent pricing structure tailored for your business needs.

    Can you accommodate the specific needs of our business, including larger projects?

    Absolutely. We specialize in creating customized landscaping solutions that align with your business’s unique requirements.

    Whether it’s maintaining a landscape that complements your brand identity or addressing specific environmental challenges of your location, our team works closely with you to meet your specific needs.

    We have the expertise and equipment for any project size. Our team is well-equipped to manage extensive commercial projects, from corporate campuses to retail parks. And we have the images and reviews to prove it! 

    We meticulously plan and execute each project, ensuring timely completion and adherence to the highest standards.

    Our experience in handling diverse landscapes ensures we can tackle any challenge, no matter the scale.

    How do you ensure minimal disruption to our business operations?

    We prioritize your business operations by scheduling our services at the most convenient times for your business. This helps to minimize disruptions to your operations.

    Our professional team works efficiently and discreetly, ensuring that our landscaping services enhance your business environment without interrupting your daily activities.

    What kind of ongoing maintenance and support do you provide?

    We offer comprehensive ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your commercial landscape remains in top condition. This includes regular lawn care, seasonal clean-ups, and prompt responses to any landscaping issues that arise.

    We stay aware of any areas that may develop environmental issues and promptly discuss potential soultions with you.

    Our team is committed to maintaining the beauty and functionality of your landscape, ensuring it continually adds value to your business. This means we communicate regularly to ensure your satisfaction with our work.

    As a trusted partner for all your landscaping needs, "Reliable Service with Quality Results" is our sincere goal.

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